Event Management

Events’ management means managing walk-in, monitoring accesses and organizing the flows to the different points of interest within the event venue. ufirst technology offers digital solutions to arrange and manage of trade fairs and concerts, shop’s sales and limited access events

Online platform for the events’ organization

Organizing events is a complex task and requires attention to many aspects. One of these concerns the entrance management both for open and limited number events. 

Every type of event needs a specific organization: from fairs to special sales, from open days to corporate events, ufirst has a proper software solution that meets any need.

Limited number events’ solution

Limited number events are events with a fixed number of participants, previously established. These are events that usually require a remote or on site entrance reservation.

With the ufirst software you can manage the booking phase and the limited accesses, giving the users the opportunity to book their entrance online, via website or mobile app.

Events’ organization and management

The ufirst solution is ideal for managing the entrances to different types of event and venues.


Special opening events

for a new location, store or branch.


Shops sales

For example, limited number advance sales.


On-site events

such as corporate events dedicated to staff and made by different micro-events dedicated to specific teams (sales, marketing etc.)


Concerts, fairs and special events

where access management is required

ufirst functionality

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