ufirst for counter management

To offer more services to users through the coordinated management of activities and resources

Counter management

Having multiple services active at the same time creates chaotic situations that are difficult to manage. Without adequate work organization, the risk is to compromise the provision of services and customer satisfaction.

How ufirst works with counter management:

Queuing up

Remotely: via app and website

People can queue up for the service of interest directly from the ufirst app or book an appointment via app or through website

On-site: via Totem and Monitor

People without smartphones can take a ticket for the service of interest by entering their name and/or telephone number in a Totem/Tablet

On-site: with staff support

People without smartphones can queue up for the service of interest by asking the staff on-site to be placed in the queue

On-site: via SMS

People can get in line for the service of interest by sending a SMS to the number shown on the ufirst poster placed in the building, with the point code, followed by their name and the name of the service

When the turn comes

Via App

People queuing up via the app will receive a notification from ufirst when it is their turn to be served


People queuing up via SMS and Totem (when they leave their mobile number) will receive a message when it is their turn to be served


People in line on-site will be notified via monitor or verbally by the facility staff when it is their turn to be served

Ideal for

The benefits

For companies and public facilities

  • It helps reducing crowds in facilities
  • Improves employee work organization
  • It allows monitoring the performance of individual services with business intelligence reports
  • It informs about user habits through booking reports
  • It reinforces positive consideration in users

For users

  • It helps to provide a quality service
  • It allows you to queue up in different ways: via app, web, SMS or on-site
  • It supports managing daily tasks
  • It improves the “user’s journey”
  • It collects comments on services of interest thanks to the NPS score

For everyone

  • It is a paperless system with zero impact on the environment
  • It facilitates the provision of services in contact with the public
  • It strengthens the link between facilities and users
  • It is easy to use for both users and operators

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