ufirst for event management

Manage accesses and avoid queues at the entrance to offer a serene experience without waiting

Events management

In the sector of events, fairs, special sales and open days, organization is a fundamental aspect. To make the experience memorable, the first step is to limit the entrances and, once inside, to better organize the various points of interest.

How ufirst works for event management:

Entrance and access to the stands

Remotely: via app and website

People can book to enter and access the event stands directly from the ufirst app via smartphone or through the website

On-site: with the staff support

People without smartphones can book to enter by asking the staff on-site to be placed in line, leaving their name or phone number

Remotely and on-site: via SMS and QR Code

People can book to enter via SMS or by scanning a QR Code associated with the facility

When it is time to enter

Via App

People getting in line via the app will receive a notification from ufirst when it is time to enter


People getting in line via SMS or QR Code will receive a message when it is time to enter


People in the queue on-site will be notified verbally by the reception staff or via SMS when it is time to enter

Ideal for

The benefits

For companies and public structures

  • It organizes customer flows at the entrance of the events
  • It provides a useful tool for the staff managing the event
  • Enables compliance with the safety regulations imposed for
    the organization of events
  • It informs the attendance at events through business intelligence reports

For users

  • The virtual ticket is guarantees access to the event
  • It allows you to book access in different ways: app, web, SMS, QR Code, on site
  • The event experience is safer and more serene
  • People can leave a comment on the event through the NPS score

For everyone

  • Saving of paper thanks to the virtual booking receipt
  • It guarantees safety and serenity, both at the entrance of the event and inside
  • It makes the event management and internal services accessible to all thanks to its simple use

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