Online Appointment Management

ufirst online appointment management allows you to optimize the agenda scheduling of offices and counters open to the public: improve the customer journey and allow them to easily book the services

Online Appointment Booking

The web booking appointment function  is one of the ufirst leading features, necessary for companies, along with the queue management feature. The technology allows a complete optimization of the customer journey in a digital way.

How does it work?

  • The user books the appointment on ufirst app or by a special link on the website of the company that provides the service
  • Just selects the specific service needed and pick the preferred day and time slot, among those made available by operators
  • He will receive a reminder notifications before the time of the appointment. 

Online Agenda: simplify the appointment management

Managing the agenda online, thanks to ufirst, allows your company to implement an integrated customer journey management including all the necessary phases: from the booking to the delivery of the services.


Online reservation

It simplifies and improves the booking procedure and the service in itself, ensuring a significant reduction in waiting times and a clear improvement of the customer experience.


Smart calendar

Choose the services and counters/offices where you need to activate the online reservation service, specifying the days and time slots available for the service.


Monitor calendar and statistics

Keep track of the reservations received for the day selected, by exporting your appointments calendar and collecting useful data and statistics to monitor business productivity.


All in one and flexible interface

Manage queues and appointments from a single virtual interface, by improving work organization, with positive effects on the performance and the satisfaction of employees and users.

Video appointment and online meetings: the integration with the Virtual Room

In addition to the online appointment booking module, ufirst offers the possibility to virtually meet your client  and so provide your services remotely, thanks to the recent introduction of the Virtual RoomIt is a real virtual room that allows one-to-one conversations, protected by the high level of privacy and security standards.Alongside this innovative possibility, ufirst also allows an online events management: fairs, showrooms events, fashion shows, concerts and all the possible situations in which there is a specific quota of accesses.

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