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Organize virtual meetings according to the highest security standards, in full compliance with privacy. Give your customers a complete experience customization for a memorable customer journey. Give your business a data driven approach with ufirst technology

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Solution for Online Meetings and Video Conferences

The Virtual Room is the ufirst video conferencing solution with one-to-one video processing technology, able to guarantee at all times the privacy and security of your users’ data and your conversations. 

It is a solution that, integrated with the queue management and appointment booking offered by ufirst, allows you to digitize the entire customer journey management: from pre-serving, service booking, to post-serving, service delivery that is now manageable online.

The Virtual Room allows you to organize virtual appointments between operator and customer, unlike other video conferencing programs, ensuring the protection of privacy and the appropriate processing of all sensitive data that may need to be shared during the virtual meeting.

Meet your customers face-to-face, or not.

The virtual room was created for: 

  • consultancy services
  • dedicated and personalized customer service
  • personalized customer care but it can be adapted to any online meetings’ need your company has to manage.Situations that in the past required a face-to-face meeting, now can be virtually managed thanks to the ufirst technology. With the Virtual Room it is not necessary to meet in person. Thanks to ufirst you can bypass this moment by relying on a tool that can protect privacy in the same way and better than a private meeting face-to-face.Now you can choose!Integrate the Virtual Room with the software you use most often: internal management, authentication software with SPID, digital signature, payment systems and many others.

Privacy, Consent Collection and Data Processing

Other general videoconferencing platforms

– Privacy consent collection and customer data processing (GDPR Compliant)

– On-premise infrastructure data storage environment (vendor no longer provides corporate architecture security patterns)

– Video call recording on dedicated servers chosen by the company, security and privacy Compliant with company policies

– 1:1 Native Video Conferencing Platform for Customer-Company Relationship Management

Privacy, Consent Collection and Data Processing

– Privacy consent collection and customer data processing (GDPR Compliant)

Other general videoconferencing platforms

– On-premise infrastructure data storage environment (vendor no longer provides corporate architecture security patterns)

Other general videoconferencing platforms

– Video call recording on dedicated servers chosen by the company, security and privacy Compliant with company policies

Other general videoconferencing platforms

– 1:1 Native Video Conferencing Platform for Customer-Company Relationship Management

Other general videoconferencing platforms

How does it work?

Managing a meeting with the  ufirst Virtual Room is very easy.Thanks to the presence of third-party widgets or integrations with third-party systems, you can ensure a high level of customization, choosing which widgets to activate, customizing messages and ensuring a customer-friendly experience.


the customer will receive a connection link


he can be accessed via SPID or login that protects your privacy


he will meet the operator in video


during the call, files, data and documentation can be shared, following the highest standards of security and privacy

Security, Privacy and Digital Signage

The virtual room ufirst guarantees security, privacy and integration with services such as digital signage, thanks to 4 success factors.

  • integrability: the platform ufirst can be installed in third-party systems and architectures. This makes it integrated with software such as CRM, booking systems and calendars, identity verification via SPID, digital signature and so on.
  • extensibility: the ability to adapt to the different needs of each company or organization, meeting the needs related to its customer journey, with the enhancement of existing functionalities or the creation of new functions.
  • customization: the user experience is fully customized through widgets and features that reflect the needs of customers and businesses, making the customer experience memorable.
  • security: the in-cloud system, the constant protection of privacy and security standards required by each structure, the possession of security certifications that guarantee the complete reliability of the ufirst video conference room.

Virtual Room: file and document management

During the virtual meeting, you can share files and documents, allow the customer to sign in live, etc.The Virtual Room is privacy by design: every document, file or information shared during the video call, can be protected by the privacy, because the ufirst technology has been realized guaranteeing the highest security standards. The files and documents management within the meeting room takes place through a hybrid cloud technology that guarantees the most complete protection of privacy. ufirst is in fact a CPASS – Communication Platform as a Service – whose technology can be installed directly on the structure server, adapting to all the specific standards for that organization or company related to privacy, GDPR and so on.

Omnichannel: deploy a new customer journey for customers and users

Omnichannel is the main aspect of the ufirst Virtual Room technology.
It is in fact a single space, custom according to the operator and customer’s needs thanks to widgets, banner advertising, integrations with systems such as management and corporate CRM, that allow the operator to access important customer information in real time. 

With the virtual room you overcome the physical limit of meeting face-to-face your customers: in a simple and secure way you can integrate in the virtual room your management software such as authentication software for digital identity verification, payment software and digital signature, internal management, event calendars and many other tools.

Customer care becomes easy for the operator to offer, who is facilitated in his work, and a memorable experience for the consumer. 

Everything can be tracked, always respecting data privacy and security: from video conferencing recording to interaction with widgets, from the waiting time to the response time to the duration of the virtual meeting, in order to enable the implementation of a data driven and increasingly customer-centric approach.

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