Success stories

ufirst supports the activities in the daily management of queues and appointments. Discover our customers’ success stories


BNL and ufirst: improving customer experience

The digitization process involves all sectors, primarily banking. For this reason, BNL has decided to activate ufirst to offer a better service to its customers, digitizing the experience within its offices.

Public Administration

Town hall of Pavia chooses ufirst for its offices

In the town hall of Pavia there was the need to manage the long lines at the town city offices, even more during the Covid-19 emergency. The application of ufirst technology was satisfactory for citizens and for the organization of the town hall offices.


Scalo Milano relies on ufirst for entrance management

Every day the Scalo Milano shopping center hosts thousands of people and it is possible to access the structure from 7 different entrances. The shopping center has chosen ufirst for entrance management to respect the number of people and avoid crowds.

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