Queue management

Improve customer journey management through digital tools: avoid long queues and crowds at the counters, ensure users’ satisfaction and loyalty.

System for Digital Queue Management

ufirst was born with the aim of rationalizing and eliminating queues at the entrances of offices or counters, through a virtual queue management system. 

ufirst is not a skip-the-line technology: the user does not “skip” the queue, but avoids wasting time waiting. The user books his/her turn in the queue from a mobile app and receives a notification when his/her turn is coming. It means avoiding useful waiting time and being in the crowd in line.

How does it work?

ufirst offers hybrid queue management solutions that allow the user to get in touch with the company or offices in the way that best suits his/her needs. 

Implementing ufirst in your facility, you can manage access in a smart, immediate and fully digital way. 

Allow your users to easily book their spot in the queue:

Mobile App

via smartphone or via your website. The booking is automatically inserted into the queue management flow on your web/mobile platform

Totem Tablet

by booking directly via text message or on site, thanks to the tablet totem available in the facility

Live support

asking for support from an operator on site to finalize the booking

Our platform allows the operator to manage the queue, even multi-counter queues, in a simple way, ensuring the necessary differentiation between the services provided by different desks and tracing relevant data at the same time, such as serving time and the performance of each service delivered.

From Physical Queue to Virtual Queue

The digital approach has changed the way we use many services. Queues make no exception. If in the past the user – as well as the facility – had no other option but to physically queue, today modern technologies let us rethink the way we queue. 

A classic example is the queue management in a bank. The long queues at the counters are replaced by invisible queues where the user is not forced to remain confined in a physical place to keep his spot in line, with clear advantages for both the consumer and the facility.

ufirst Queue Management’s advantages for companies and users

On the companies and operators side, ufirst allows them to: 

  • Optimize internal workflows, relieving staff pressure
  • Monitor the performance of each branch or counter with business intelligence tools
  • Get relevant data on user behavior to plan data-driven marketing actions
  • Ensure user satisfaction by working on loyalty and brand reputation
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Advantages for users

On the users’ side, instead, the advantages include the shortening of waiting times and the simplification of the process to access to services, thanks to the usage of physical or digital tools, as well as the ability to communicate the customer satisfaction of the service through the NPS score, with an improvement in their daily lives.Digital solutions can really improve both the operators and users’ lives. This is s why ufirst has carefully designed a flexible, inclusive, memorable customer journey.

ufirst functionality

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