Customer Care and Retention for Utilities

ufirst simplifies the user experience in Utilities offices by allowing the remote appointment booking and queuing. Improve your offer.

The Digital Revolution in the energy sector

The energy sector is one of those that were mostly involved in the digital revolution: companies that want to stay competitive on the market, facing strong competition, have to offer a fast and efficient service, by taking advantage of the technologies.  Customers would like to easily access the service.

ufirst is the right tool to face the digital revolution in the energy sector: thanks to the queue management and the appointment booking modules, ufirst speeds up the counters activities and simplifies the customer care, allowing business to offer a high quality service to theri clients.

A video assistance and customer care tool

ufirst software was designed to optimize the entire customer journey management: from the booking phase to the service delivery phase.

Thanks to the Agenda and Virtual Queue tools, ufirst allows you to manage the user turnout in a rational way, avoiding queues and reducing the users waiting times to access to services.


via mobile app and/or phone number or by connecting directly to the website of your company

In structure

thanks to the tablets inside totems positioned in the facilities, or thanks to the support of an operator

Queue up and schedule appointments, all from remote.

ufirst allows you to digitize not only the service booking phase, but also the service delivery phase. Thanks to the Virtual Room it will be possible to make one-to-one consultation appointments in a privacy compliant way.

ufirst functionality

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