Queue management system and video meetings for the Public Administration

With ufirst you can provide an exclusive customer journey management in your Public Offices. Make your citizens happy

A system to remove queues at your public offices

ufirst is the customer relationship management suite for public administration that allows an effective citizen’s customer journey management, thanks to a hybrid queue management system, accessible both remotely and on site.

How ufirst works for public administration

ufirst allows PA operators to manage the reservation service at the desks in a simple and effective way, thanks to a virtual queue system, which eliminates long lines and reduces waiting times to access the services.

The citizen has the possibility to book his/her spot in a queue in different ways.

Reduce waiting times, improve user satisfaction.

Thanks to its technology, ufirst allows you to offer citizens a customized experience according to their needs, by reducing waiting time in public administration offices.


via website or mobile app and/or phone number

At the office

thanks to tablets installed inside appropriate totems, and if necessary asking the support of operator

Virtual room in public offices

ufirst suite allows you to customize all customer journey’s phases: from the booking phase to the service in itself.

Deliver the service without physically receiving the citizen at the desk.

Thanks to the Virtual Room, the citizen can access the service he/she needs, by entering in an online virtual room, managed by an operator.

Access to the service by remote drastically improves the operator experience and the citizen satisfaction, further reducing waiting times and improving customer experience. All meetings held through the Virtual Room are protected by privacy and the highest standards of cybersecurity. 

ufirst functionality

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