ufirst is a digital technology made to satisfy different market sectors needs. At its core, the customer journey management. Find out more on what ufirst can do for your industry.


ufirst offers to banks a complete features package that allow you to manage and customize the entire customer journey, from the booking to the delivery of service:

  • manage queues and consultations appointments all in one platform, for each counter or office and in every branch
  • organize individual consultation appointments
  • meet your customers virtually, with the virtual room, with maximum customization of the user experience, always respecting the privacy of transferred information


Personalize your shopping experience and build customer loyalty in retails with ufirst:

  • allow an omnichannel, hybrid and engaging customer experience, your customers can book the service by remote
  • offer click & collect service: remote orders and on-site pick-ups
  • lead the consumer through every phase of his/her customer journey offer after-sales service and customized customer care even virtually, thanks to the Virtual Room


Here ufirst offers: 

  • booking appointments service to easily access to the faculty offices
  • remote booking system to reserve the spot at the canteen
  • a simple way to organize the employees’ calendarsAllow each student to focus on what matters, ufirst will take care of the rest.


Main keyword: flexibility.
ufirst technology is successfully applied in various utilities fields:

  • organize counters and meetings with operators in one platform
  • offer to users a remote booking appointment system and a special customer care service with the virtual room
  • manage the employee workflows
  • improve user satisfaction and employee’s productivity

Public Administration and Local Authorities

Organization and efficiency are crucial aspects for the well-functioning of Public Administrations and Local Authorities. Digitization is a key goal for this type of institution. In this context, ufirst allows PA and local authorities to fully digitize the customer journey: 

  • queues management with remote or on-site booking service
  • appointment booking and management
  • personalized virtual service, with privacy protection
  • integration with software for authentication, payments and much more

ufirst functionality

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