School and University services’ management solution

ufirst offers innovative solutions to manage the flow between students and faculty offices, allowing users to easily get in contact with: information points, faculty and placement offices

Faculty Offices management

Thanks to the ufirst hybrid technology it is possible to effectively manage the student journey, through the booking appointments and virtual queue services at the faculty offices.

Let students focus on what matters.

Thanks to ufirst, students can easily and directly access to the entire list of services provided by Universities offices:

  • record book withdrawal
  • requests of documents required to access the Degree Exam
  • degree certification
  • tuition fees payments
  • Erasmus documents

Mobile App

Tablet Totem

Accessing all these services, avoiding long waiting in line at the offices, thanks to a simple tap on your smartphone. The student can quickly book his own spot in line or appointment by clicking on a link inserted in the University website, through mobile app or totem located in the office itself. He will show up at the desk only at the moment of his turn.  But, it’s not all!

Open Day and University Events management solution

ufirst is also a useful tool in the students acquisition phase. It allows your University to offer students an innovative service to book appointments or their spot in line remotely,  for orientations or information offices.ufirst technology can easily be used also to organize and manage accesses and appointments to your University’s open days or school events.Make your university enjoyable for both students and your staff with ufirst.

ufirst functionality

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