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ufirst connects people and services, helping you to achieve the best result for your activities by facilitating access to the structure

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What is ufirst?

ufirst is a SaaS platform available via app and web that digitalises the waiting experience of people, through virtual queue management and the remote app management, and through integrating all the internal systems of the proprietary system of third parties.




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ufirst digitizes the entry process in the structure

Remotely: via app and website

On-site: via Totem and Monitor

On-site: with staff support

Remotely and on-site: via SMS and QR Code

Why choose ufirst


ufirst gives the users smooth access to services, and for the operators it makes management easy from the first use thanks to the set of easy-to-use products.


To activate ufirst you only need a smartphone and a WiFi connection, no hardware installation. After a few days from the activation it is possible to manage the service in complete autonomy.


For entities that already own an app, website, digital signage, kiosk or totem, ufirst solutions integrate perfectly thanks to the API.


ufirst builds a bridge between physical services and users. The services become more accessible via smartphone, web and on-site totem, improving the reputation of the entities that use them.


With ufirst’s enterprise and business intelligence solutions, it is possible to measure the impact on the performance of entities, and customer satisfaction through the NPS score.


Virtual QMS eliminates paper use by providing a virtual ticket to queue up or to book a slot. The user receives the confirmation of the reservation digitally or via SMS, without the need to print it.

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