Customer Journey Management

ufirst suite allows you to increase loyalty with your customers offering them innovative and memorable experiences. Discover our Customer Journey Management.

What is Customer Journey Management?

Customer Journey Management is the way you manage the experience before, during and after services.  

Today we talk more and more about Digital Customer Journey: thanks to the actual technologies and the digitalization ongoing in business, the customer journey is – and must be – increasingly hybrid (in between physical and digital) to meet the needs of the new demanding consumer.

The challenge faced by companies today, when it comes to consumer journey and journey marketing, is to be able to offer an immersive experience that involves and accompanies the customer in this transition from physical to digital.

Some examples of Customer Journey

In this way the Customer Journey becomes a highly inclusive experience, capable of involving and leading both users belonging to the younger and digitized generations and those who are less familiar with new technologies.

The ufirst suite allows companies to organize a fluid customer journey management, moving from a physical experience to a digital one, through the hybrid and the phygital solutions offered.

Queue Management

Queue Management, with online booking, via desktop or mobile app, or on the physical office, with the assistance of an operator

Appointment Management

Booking Appointments’ Management, with online or telephone booking and customized notifications

Virtual customer service

Virtual customer service, with access to a virtual room where you can receive individual assistance

Big Data

Monitor and analyze data about your customers and the operations they have carried out with ufirst

Differences between queue management and Customer Journey

The Customer Journey could be considered as the 2.0 evolution of queue management. Currently, queue management is just one of the activities included in the management of the customer journey, which instead embraces the entire path of the user, from the service booking to the feedback on the customer experience.

The Customer Journey Management Results

Customer Journey Management allows the companies that implement it, to achieve interesting results from multiple points of view. Clients who chose to use ufirst to manage the consumer journey experienced an average increase in service bookings. In particular, in the last year ufirst, managed on average in one month:

bookings in the Banking sector
bookings in the Utilities sector
bookings in the Retail sector

Customer Journey Marketing: customers advantages

Customer journey management allows you to:

  • improve the customer experience, increasing customer’s satisfaction and loyalty
  • ensure the security of service delivery and data collection, useful for planning data driven actions
  • reduce employees stress and improve productivity

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