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Build a bridge between ufirst products and the IT infrastructure of your business with API software integration

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Many activities require the adoption of new technologies by integrating them with the IT tools already in use. To ensure a simple use, it is necessary to create an IT infrastructure that is interconnected and easily integrated.

How ufirst API work?

Integrate in your systems the ufirst booking flow, from appointment management to virtual room, through queue management.

On your app

People can get in line or book an appointment directly from your app without having to download the ufirst app.

On your website

People can queue up or book an appointment right from your website.

On your Digital Signage

People can get information about the virtual queues and appointments through your Digital Signage, already in use in your facility.

In your Totem or Kiosk

People can take a ticket on-site through the Totem or Kiosk already in use in your facility.

Benefits for companies and public structures

  • The possibility of integrating the ufirst technology within the software already in use
  • Customization of the ufirst experience according to the specific needs of your business
  • Optimization of existing technological resources
  • An increased brand reputation

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