Queue Management System in Retails

From the queue management to a totally customized and memorable customer experience. ufirst is the tool that every retail needs to lead and build a strong relationship with the clients during all the phases of the customer journey

Improve the customer journey in Retails

The customer journey is very important in retail: taking care of the shopping experience is essential to build customer loyalty, beat the competitors and become unforgettable. 

Today, the customer journey does not exist without digital channels and points of contact: user expectations also go in the same direction, drawing an omnichannel scenario, integrated and phygital, where everything is at hand and the contact with the company becomes simple and tailored.

Omnichannel and Digital Experience

That is why a respectable customer experience is omnichannel and hybrid: it should be right in between physical and digital, depending on the needs and the expectations of the single customer. 

ufirst is able to guarantee just this through a customer journey management software that enables you to digitize the entire purchase journey, offering the right technological and digital solutions just where needed: from the service booking phase to the delivery phase, then to the after-sales assistance phase.

Walk-in management and waiting times optimization

By digitizing the customer care and the assistance services, you would be able to better manage the walk-in in your shops and to avoid long waiting at the desks where services such as returns and changes of goods are provided.

In particular, ufirst is indispensable in customer service.


Goods’ exchange and returns


Click & collect (online order and in store collection)


Second-hand goods collection services


User personal consulting services

The virtual queue management system allows the customer to arrive at the store only when it is his/her turn, avoiding reaching the boiling point, that is the maximum tolerated waiting time, with positive effects on user perception and operator performance.

On the other hand, the appointment booking service allows you to choose a scheduled date and time to physically go to the customer care counter to carry out one of the operations described above.

ufirst functionality

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