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ufirst lets you manage entrances and customer flows, increases staff productivity and makes you learn more about your users

The company

To innovate and to improve take courage: we are not afraid of the evolution implemented by digital. We base our work on research, and we are confident in the future that we will be able to build through the development of our technology. We offer a security-based service in order to give concrete answers to real problems. 

We have made a day by day promise of stability and security for our technology.

ufirst is a Customer Relationship Management suite that offers B2BC CPaaS solutions, available via app and web, for managing queues, appointments and entrances. With ufirst, facilities can finally offer a top-quality service to their customers, in a hybrid mode: halfway between physical and digital mode.

Our history

ufirst is a tech company which develops digital solutions since 2014 to make better relationships between people and public and/or private facilities/offices. With ufirst you can digitize accesses and appointments reservations to your structure.
Our customers are medium-large and large, complex and dynamic, facilities that want to digitize their business, offering a practical response for the practical problems faced in the managing customer flows area.
We use technology to reinvent the approach to physical services and to bring the user closer to your business.
In 2020 ufirst began its internationalization process in the United Kingdom, India, and South America.

Today, ufirst counts a community of 5 million people and thousands of structures active in the sectors of public administration, universities, banking, utilities, retail, and healthcare.

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