Customer Journey Solution for Banking

Make your customers happy: digitize the customer journey, from the booking phase to the service phase. Build a strong customer loyalty with ufirst

The Customer Journey in your Bank

Taking care of the customer journey is fundamental for every sector, but even more for the banking sector. In your bank every service should be managed around building a strong trust relationship with your clients.

Offering smart services to your customers, made to fit their needs, easily accessible through digital and offline tools, is crucial to lead your customers into the future of home banking.

An innovative system to engage customers

ufirst is an innovative technology to engage banking customers: thanks to the hybrid, phygital (physical and digital) and customized solutions, ufirst leads the bank and its users throughout the customer journey, creating a personalized, immersive, easily accessible and memorable experience. 

ufirst allows you to manage the customer journey from the appointment booking or the queue reservation phase, up to the service phase; the service can be delivered by using our one-to-one virtual room, a hybrid cloud technology, able to guarantee data security and the protection of users’ privacy. 

Security and Privacy first

ufirst strongly believes that services and the experience of them should rotate around security and privacy.

All the solutions offered by ufirst: appointment booking, queue management and virtual room, guarantee the highest security standards, by protecting the privacy of both customers and employees when they share personal information.

Our technology guarantees to operate in a secure environment, within a privacy by design and certified IT infrastructure, where it is possible to share documents and sensitive information, without any privacy risks.

Queue Management Systems in bank branches

Simplify the queue and appointment management in your bank branches thanks to an integrated interface that allows each operator to keep everything under control.

The user has the possibility to book his spot in line or to book an appointment through a website, mobile app or directly in the office, via tablet installed in an appropriate totem. 

Manage all different kind of services offered by your bank, with ufirst: 

  • deposits
  • withdrawals
  • audit statements
  • ATM and credit cards requests, etc.

Video appointments

Information and consultation appointments can also be provided virtually. Thanks to ufirst Virtual Room you do not need to physically walk to the bank in order to meet your banking advisor. The meeting can easily take place virtually, thanks to the Privacy by Design technology, which allows you to share your information safely.

Digital Signage and Virtual Room for financial institutions

Any activity, including those that require the digital signature of documents or the sharing of personal data, such as the ATM or credit card request, can be provided virtually by accessing the one-to-one  virtual room: you meet the consultant remotely and thanks to the integrations with your bank softwares or CRM, you can proceed in complete security.

Fast integration with other systems thanks to ufirst API

Thanks to the APIs, ufirst can be integrated into other technology systems already used by your company. If your company already has a management software, you can integrate the booking services through the ufirst API. 

ufirst functionality

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