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Provide services on defined days and hours to better manage work and give more value to the day-to-day life

Appointment management

Waiting often generates inefficiencies: this is why activities need to constantly improve the workflow, with the aim of improving internal organization and user satisfaction.

How ufirst works with the appointment management:

To book an appointment

Remotely: via app and website

People can book their appointments directly from the ufirst app via smartphone or website

Remotely: via phone

People can call the office to book a service and the operator can book an appointment on behalf of the user

On-site: with staff support

People without a smartphone can book directly on-site by asking staff to make an appointment on their behalf

Remotely and on-site: via SMS and QR Code

People can book via SMS or by scanning a QR Code associated with the facility

At the time of the appointment

Via App

People who have booked via the app will receive a notification from ufirst informing they are next in line


People who have booked on-site will receive an SMS or an email informing they are next in line

Via phone

People who have booked via phone will receive an SMS informing they are next in line

Ideal for

The benefits

For businesses and public facilities

  • No more crowds
  • Allowing better organization of work
  • Integrates with the main digital calendars already in use (Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar)
  • Showing information on service usage trends thanks to business intelligence tools
  • Generating a positive impact on your company/entity reputation

For users

  • No more boring queues that only make you waste time
  • It was never that easy to complet your to-do-list of the day
  • Possibility to book appointments in different ways: app, web, SMS, QR Code, on the spot
  • Appointment management helps in daily organization
  • Convey a positive impact on the customer journey
  • Understand your customer needs with the NPS score

For everyone

  • Allowing the booking and confirmation of the appointment in a faster way
  • Helping to reduce inefficiencies thanks to the rescheduling feature
  • Consolidating the relationship between activities and users
  • Accessible to everyone because it is easy to use for both users and operators

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