ufirst for capacity management

Guaranteeing order and safety in confined spaces using technological tools within everyone’s reach

Capacity management

Inside areas with limited capacity, it is always necessary to limit the entrances by monitoring the number of people present, in compliance with current safety standards.

How ufirst works for capacity management:

Book the access

Remotely: via app and website

People can queue up directly from the ufirst app via smartphone or website

On-site: with staff support

People without smartphones can take a ticket to enter by asking staff on-site to be queued up, leaving their name or phone number

On site: via SMS

People can book their access to enter by sending a SMS to the number indicated on the ufirst poster placed in the building, indicating the code associated with the point, followed by their name

When it is time to enter

Via App

People in line via the app will receive a notification from ufirst when it is time to enter


People in line via SMS will receive a message when it is time to enter


People queued up on-site will be notified verbally by the reception staff or via SMS when it is time to enter

Ideal for

The benefits

For businesses and public facilities

  • It helps reducing the flow of people
  • Monitoring the entrances to your business through the people counter
  • It provides data that can be integrated into enterprise solutions through business intelligence tools
  • It allows the integration of services into dedicated properties

For users

  • The virtual ticket guarantees the access to enter
  • It allows slot booking in different ways: app, web, SMS, on-site
  • The wait is more serene
  • Track and gain immediate valuable feedback from the lived experience thanks to the NPS score

For everyone

  • No need to print the virtual ticket
  • It guarantees safety in areas with limited capacity
  • It makes activities accessible to all thanks to its simple use designed with a mobile-first approach

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